What to plant in October for Spring

I adore Narcissus Tete a Tete (like mini daffodils), but I always get to March and realise I forgot to plant them in October! So this year I am prepared!

There is something special about seeing your own plants grow from bulb into a beautiful flower, I feel the same satisfaction as growing my own vegetables.

Narcissus Tete a Tete are so easy to grow and are one of the first bulbs to flower after the cold of Winter.

Scatter your bulbs across the ground, this way you will create natural patterns when they flower instead of uniformed lines.

Get a Dibber, the best one I have found is by Burgon and Ball (Made in Sheffield, England) available online here, a beautiful stainless steel work of art! Use the Dibber to make your hole in the ground for your bulb, inserting about 2 x the bulb’s depth.

Once all the bulbs are in the ground, scatter with compost and press down firmly.

Or do the above with the bulbs in a pot, just wrap the pot in bubble wrap once finished to protect it from the frost.

Let nature do her work!


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