Valentine’s Poem

Valentine’s day will be here very soon

How will you make your loved one swoon?

 You could run them a bath with bubbles,

or embrace them with lots of cuddles

 Chocolates are nice and jewels are OK

but what could you do to really make their day?

 Light some candles to set the mood . .

cook him or her some beautiful food

 Or if you can’t cook, a take-away’s fine –

make it a nice one to impress your valentine

 Whatever you do, to make it really sincere,

and to show them how much you hold them dear . . .

 . . . you must get some flowers – they mean so much,

with their scent and beauty and delicate touch.

 Flowers are special, the occasion enhanced,

your valentine feels happy and truly romanced

 A dozen red roses or a mixed floral bouquet,

are the route to success this Valentine’s Day

Flowers say ‘I love you’ like nothing else can

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