Valentine’s Day 2014

Here are some sneak peaks into our flower shop at Valentine’s this year.

Anna’s gorgeous creation including cymbidium orchids, Heidi roses, white star germinis, phlox, antirrhinums, alstroemerias, pussy willow and pink bear grass.


Amy’s blue orchid handtied with eucalyptus cinerea and umbrella fern. This was a special order for a customer (who was incredibly good and ordered weeks before Valentine’s!) and were shipped from Thailand to Holland and then to us in Lincoln.


Our new marquee going up, the sky was pitch black, stars twinkling and the moon so bright and strong … It’s going to be a good one! We can all feel it! We’re getting excited!


Only a day later and a hive of activity! The shop is positively glowing and excitement is high. Fuelled on a takeaway, Corienne’s iPod tunes (although she protests too much that some of the songs are not hers!) and the knowledge that come tomorrow it is all over for another year!


You see … It’s not all red roses! Claire’s beautiful floristry of all green and white flowers: Cymbidium orchids, oriental lilies, avalanche roses, lisianthus, genister, anthuriums, spray roses, delianne chrysanthemums, pussy willow, eucalyptus cinerea and 1-3

Helen creating a stunning Luxury 50 red rose handtied, she also made 2 x 50 red rose handtieds this Valentine’s. 3 very lucky ladies!

IMG_1642 IMG_1645

Note the lovely Agatha bag? No we didn’t have time for a spot of shopping mid Valentine’s! A lovely gentleman asked us to deliver his gift with his flowers.

Gorgeous creations – how do we do it whilst so tired?! Experience, good music and working with friends!


Flower everywhere!



And now for the big one. Here are a few of the shots taken whilst hand creating the 100 red rose handtied for an Interflora customer.

It’s about 9pm on the Eve of Valentine’s we’re half way through the 100.


The trick is keeping the hold tight enough so none of the other roses begin to move. We tie the flowers together after each 25 stems are added to keep them together. The pressure on my arms and shoulders is immense! The roses weigh so much together and you have to hold them away from you to keep the shape. The next morning it felt like I’d had a hard gym session!


It takes 2 people to make, one holds and the other keeps adding individual roses.  Now the wrapping begins, which is normally the easy part! The top wrapping is easy.


Once the top is wrapped, the hardest part begins!


We cut the stems to handtied length, but must keep the 100 red roses in a dome shape.

When we think we are ready, we stand it on the workbench; without letting go we have to make sure all the stems are cut to exactly the same length otherwise it pushes the roses back up in the middle (losing our dome shape).  Then we have to find the individual rose stems to cut them again. Any roses that manage to push through the top cause a problem – we have to find the stem and pull from the bottom as we don’t push the flower back in by the flower head otherwise it will break. Constant tweaking until every roses sits where we want it to be.


Then we tie the flowers again to keep them in place. Then we wrap them, but the stem spiral is so large it takes multiple pieces of cello to wrap whilst making sure it remains water tight.

IMG_1670 IMG_1673

To one lucky lady in the morning …

About 3 hours sleep in the early hours of morning and we’re back at the flower bench. Our drivers are in at 6am to be able to deliver on time. People are buzzing everywhere. The printer is whirring with the orders, how can there be so many in the 3 hours since we left?! We had reached last year’s numbers 2 days ago and they keep coming in. Our customers are really feeling the love this year! ‘Let’s do this!’ we say.

BBC Radio Lincolnshire arrive for Interflora, they’re here to deliver some flowers with us and interview some lovely customers.

By 10am the phone is burning, not just with last minute orders but with ‘where’s my flowers, I paid for them to be there today and they’re not there!’ Oh my, it’s going to be a long one!

Suzanne keeps us topped up with Lincolnshire plum bread, cheese and cake in between doing her deliveries with Keith.

By 11am the drivers are back and heading out on their second runs. All is going well, we’re on plan.

The shop is packed with customers all day long, we have a constant stream of floristry being made for walk-in customers right up to 5.30pm.

We’re ticking off the drivers as they return home safely.

There’s a few tears, it’s been a long week and we’ve still got tomorrow’s orders to make before we go home. Corienne arrives from our Bailgate shop and it puts a smile on all our faces. Just one last push on and we’re done!

We wish, hope, pray that all the orders are received well and the customers are happy, it’s our only focus. We guarantee our flowers for 7 days, we guarantee you’ll like them, if not talk to us (if you don’t say anything, we can’t make it better).

Now, let’s get some sleep …


A huge thank you to our whole team, the old and the new, for your hard work, dedication, cheerfulness and determination for us all pulling together as a team. You made this the best Valentine’s ever! Thank you xxxxxxxx Jen Flowers by Suzanne

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