Ulrika Jonnson and Brian Monet Wedding Vows Renewal – The Flowers

My first thoughts on Ulrika’s wedding flowers to renew her wedding vows where how bright and vibrant they are, with the use of reds, limes, orange, yellow and purple.Image 

I love the use of different flowers to create texture using Heliconia’s, Anthuriums, spider Chrysanthemums, Liatris, Orchids both Cymbidiums and Dendrobiums, and to finish off, bright yellow roses.

The design of her bouquet is followed through into her bridesmaids flowers with the unusual idea of her pageboy have the same design instead of the normal buttonhole to match the groom’s simple Dendrobium Orchid.

With the location being in Barbados, Caribbean they all were bearfoot, so I love the idea that they had a heart shaped mat to stand on, made of lots of fresh rose petals in bright yellow and orange.

The whole wedding looked bright, vibrant and full of fun, a very different wedding from their first where Ulrika carried a hand-tied of simple flowers in the colours of white and green.Image

Kelly Oates – Team Leader / Lead Florist at Flowers by Suzanne

Photographs – Hello Magazine

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