Top Tips for Buying Flowers at Valentine’s

Valentine’s Day is the second most popular time of the year to buy flowers (after Mother’s Day); with red roses being the most popular choice of flower to give.

After over 40 years in the floristry business, we thought we would share our top tips and inside facts on flowers at Valentine’s Day.

1. Delivering Emotions

Buy from the heart – what do you want to say? Can’t think of the words? Our friendly florists will never judge or laugh and we will always help you think of the right way to word your message. Feel free to write it down before you call or pop in to see us; or write your own Valentine’s card whilst in our shop and we can attach this to your flowers. We know it can be embarrassing, but please remember you won’t shock us!

2. Roses are not the only flowers

Red roses are the most popular flower sent at Valentine’s Day. Don’t be afraid to ask for something else if you know she has a favourite flower. There are so many amazing flowers at this time of year, as all the Spring flowers are now in season too.


3. Seeing what you buy

We have photographs of our most popular flower arrangements in our shops so you can see some ideas; alternatively look and buy online on our website or use the ideas to come and see us and find out our special offers. The earlier you book, the better the deal.

4. Find a florist you trust

Always find a florist that gives you confidence, that they are going to deliver and look after your special order. No matter whether it is a single rose or 100 roses (yes we do them!), it is our job to make sure your message and flowers are delivered.

5. A few things to remember

Florists do not rip you off at Valentine’s! We don’t drive Aston Martins I promise! Yes, flowers are more expensive at this time, not just red roses but all flowers. The demand on the growers, the flower markets, the logistics systems and the florists is immense.

Please buy from a reputable florist – local florists employs local people, they will hand create your order and then personally deliver it to you, it stands for a lot. If you are buying online, remember to check who the retailer is – is it the local florist making the item? Is it a reputable relay company like Interflora (who send your order to the local florists)? Try to steer away from the ‘courier delivered’ items, they are not made by the family local florists that keep the flower industry alive on our high streets.

The most popular type of flower arrangement we create all year round is a ‘hand-tied’, that means flowers hand tied to be able to stand up and wrapped in cellophane with a bubble of water at the bottom to keep them fresh for the day they are delivered.

6. And finally …

We take orders for Valentine’s delivery or collection in our shops and online until 1pm actually on Valentine’s Day, we do not close until 5pm and we always have arrangements made in the shop ready to go until we close – so if you forget, don’t worry it won’t be necessary to pop to the garage on your way home!

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

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