Keeping your Flowers Fresh

10653332_10152769260457780_6219658115239957111_nFlowers by Suzanne guarantees the freshness of your flowers for 7 days from the date of delivery/collection.*  Here are some quick tips to help your flowers look and stay fresh even longer:

  • 10259327_10152685307707780_3668666335989342459_nIf your flowers arrive in a bubble of water, it’s very important that you carefully remove them from the bubble of water and place them in a vase as soon as you can.  The bubble of water is help the flowers stay fresh from the time they’re created to the time they’re delivered.
  • Fill your vase 2/3 full with cool water to help any closed buds start to open up and add your flower food.
  • Remove any foliage below the water level to avoid bacteria build-up.  Our florists will have done most of this for you, but some maintenance may be required as all vases are different.
  • Carefully with a knife, trim all stems at about a 45 degree angle about an inch from the bottom.
  • Ensure that your flowers are in a cool area away from major heat sources, windows, and radiators.
  • Empty, clean, and thoroughly rinse the vase followed by refilling it with water and adding flower food as needed.

For more information, visit the Interflora Expert-Care Tips online guide complete with video.



*The 7 day guarantee does not include the David Austin Roses and flowers in our summer and spring ranges which are guaranteed for a minimum period of 5 days.

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