June is LILY Month: The Lily, a flower full of meaning

The lily, a flower full of meaning

June is the month of the lily. A beautiful flower which symbolises so much; love, purity, femininity and mortality.

The modest rose puts forth a thorn, the humble sheep a threat’ning horn: While lily white shall in love delight, Nor a thorn nor a threat stain her beauty bright

(William Blake; The lily)

The lily is a beautiful flower, and now is the perfect time to take advantage of what we have to offer in our shops. Whether you are looking to buy a bouquet for a special occasion (weddings are abundant at this time of year!) or you merely want to brighten up your home, there is something stunning about an arrangement of lilies.

If you have already treated yourself to lilies, and think you know what to expect, think again! There are a number of different types of lily you can enjoy.

The Martagon Lily for your garden:

A very beautiful, hanging, fragile lily with little dancing blooms









The Oriental Gizmo Lily:

Beautiful white king size blooms








The small Lily of Coyotte

To look at it, you may not automatically recognize it as a lily, but they have a wild feel and that’s what makes it so beautiful

The double Lily of Van Loof

Part of the rose lily group. They seem almost like peonies, beautiful delicate flowers

There are so many different looks and feelings you can create with lilies. Keep them simple, with a bunch of tonal lilies to but on your mantle piece, or mix them up with other bright flowers to create a visual feast! Not only do they look stunning, they smell incredible too. Buying a bouquet of flowers is not like buying your usual favourite chocolate bar. It is a more sensual experience. The feeling you create within a bouquet lasts much longer, and will bring a smile to your face every time you see it.

Make your bouquet perfect; make your bouquet with lilies.

Top tip! How to get rid of lily pollen spots

  1. Never rub them!
  2. Use a dry brush to brush away excess pollen.
  3. Finally, place a clean strip of adhesive tape across pollen stain, then pull off. Repeat until the stain has vanished.
  4. And for next time … cut off the stamens to reduce the amount of pollen which falls.

Top tip! How to keep your lilies fresher for longer

  1. Cut stems diagonally before putting them into water
  2. Don’t put in direct sunlight
  3. Cut off a centimetre from the stems every now and then to keep them fresh

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