Flowers at work make you more productive!

Did you know that researchers have found a link between flowers and productivity in the workplace?

Floral arrangements also provide a cheery welcome on reception and add warmth and colour to offices, conference rooms and guest areas.  Flowers reflect attention to detail and give customers confidence in your business.

The research conducted at Texas A&M University confirmed that the workforces who had flowers and plants around them improved their “idea generation, creative performance and problem solving skills … substantially”.

Interestingly, the men who participated in the research were most influenced by the flowers and plants by generating 15% more ideas.  Yet the ladies seemed to be influenced by the flowers and plants around them by generating “more creative, flexible solutions to problems”.

    Corporate flowers created for the Doubletree by Hilton Hotel Lincoln January 2012.  Visit for more information.

Research cited on 2011.

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